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BUSSE GmbH Of Leipzig And Its Staff Welcome You …

The BUSSE GmbH, established and managed by Dipl.-Ing. Ralf-Peter Busse, is an independent engineering company. It offers more than 35 years of comprehensive experience in the field of facility engineering and the commissioning of industrial facilities, in particular.


Our team of engineers with many years of experience, complemented by highly motivated university graduates, are all committed to offering their engineering services in respect of industrial facility design and assembly on construction sites all over the world.


BUSSE GmbH offers…

- Assembly Coordination
- Facility Commissioning
- Facility Engineering
- Facility ID-Labelling
- Research & Development

Assembly Coordination

Construction and assembly management for industrial facilities.
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Facility Commissioning

For over 35 years, BUSSE engineers have been actively involved in the commissioning of industrial facilities in Germany and over 43 other countries. The wide range of various facilities includes chemical plants, power plants and environmental facilities.

Facility ID-Labelling

Throughout the former East-German provinces, BUSSE GmbH holds exclusive rights to the use of the signage system developed by Stell GmbH of Bocholt – a system for facilitiy identification, tried and tested for over 25 years.

Facility Engineering

Based on the long-time experience in facility commissioning, BUSSE GmbH offers additional specialised engineering services such as facility stocktaking, the coding of facilities according to current identification systems, project development and completion.

Research & Development

Our extensive and exhaustive pool of engineers have developed and continue to develop innovative procedures and technologies primarily in the field of waste water treatment and purification.

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