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Overview of Services Offered

Since 1970, BUSSE engineers have been actively involved in the assembly and commissioning of industrial facilities in Germany and over 43 other countries.

  • Construction site supervision / overall construction management
  • Preparation and construction site setup
  • Determining the site’s state of readiness for construction
  • Discussing assembly technologies, all of the assembly documentation provided, contractual specifications and conditions, and the performance of other necessary preparations
  • Taking over all tasks of construction management and on-site coordination relative to the project’s stages of assembly and completion, in collaboration with the client’s project manager
  • Performing all on-site construction management and coordination duties arising from contractual obligations between the client and the final customer/operator
  • Briefing and advising all assembly personnel
  • Supervision of the assembly subcontractors in order to ensure quality standards and fulfillment of their contractual obligations
  • Keeping a construction site journal and writing weekly reports
  • Manual revision of all technical documentation
  • Assisting in the facility’s commissioning

Melamin production Piesteritz
Construction site supervision, melamine production, Piesteritz, Germany

printing plant Wykroty, Poland
printing plant Wykroty, Poland

Overall construction management at biomass power plant, Pforzheim Germany / biodiesel Piesteritz, Germany

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