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Facility Engineering – Services

BUSSE offers additional specific engineering services based on our long-term experience in industrial facility assembly and commissioning:

Technical Documentation / Operating Manuals / Operating Instructions

The creation of technical documentation in electronic media.

The complete creation of operating manuals (Word, Excel,…), including:

  • Process descriptions
  • Design specifications
  • Facility descriptions
  • Operating instructions
  • Release specifications
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Lubrication plans
  • Analysis plans

The creation of individual operating instructions, including:

  • Technological description
  • Commissioning, decommissioning and control actions
  • Maintenance instructions / lubrication plans / analysis plans
  • Malfunction procedures
  • Safety measures


  • Facility inventory through renewed on-site stocktaking, document creation as CAD.
  • Creation of schematic block diagrams, general process engineering and detailed R&I-charts (AutoCAD) - also as "intelligent" R&I-chart on data background.
  • Coding of technological equipment, instruments, measuring spots and pipelines by use of the existing coding system.


  • Coding of technical facilities pursuant to KKS or analogue ID procedures which are developed according to customer specifications.
  • Creation of new customer-specific coding systems for process engineering facilities.

Technological Database

  • Creating equipment lists as electronic database for use with any desired technological equipment.
  • Compiling database using facility data from documentation and on-site ID plates.

Escape and Rescue Plans

  • Creation of escape and rescue plans
  • Creation of firefighting plans

Assembly Planning / Commissioning

Services provided in the construction of facilities

  • Assembly planning
  • Complex functional test planning
  • Commissioning planning
  • General process planning and controlling
  • Evaluation of facility conditions (process curves) and suggestions for facility optimization

Staff Training

  • Compiling documentation for staff training
  • Holding of training courses

Bestandserfassung von Anlagen
Facility inventory through renewed on-site stocktaking

Creation of schematic block diagrams, general process engineering and R&I-charts

Transfer of hand-drawn sketches into CAD

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