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Adhesive Foils

1. 1.Labelling Tapes

Pursuant to DIN 2403, pipes etc. are labelled according to their flow medium and flow direction by use of coloured rings (corresponding to the required colour designation for the flow medium) showing black and/or white arrows. We provide self-adhesive labelling tapes in standard or any other size and colour – if required, including text according to your specifications.

General information Self-adhesive, on adhesive paper with extreme adhesive lifespan; acid and base-resistant; UV-resistant; flame-resistant; application temperature above 5 °C; resistant to constant temperatures between -20 °C to 120 °C; dissolvent-resistant; weather-resistant; tested for 10 years
Design With or without arrows, with text
Standard colours Colours according to DIN 2403 (RAL), White (9010), yellow (1021), orange (2003), red (3000), violet (4001), blue (5015), green (6018), grey (7001), brown (8001), black (9005)
Standard sizes [mm] Tape width x Tape length 35x25,000; 70x25,000; 140x25,000

tape size

2. Adhesive Symbols

As regards the labelling of larger equipment, we offer individual adhesive symbols or complete multiple line adhesive labels in any desired size or colour for foil or lettering, according to your specifications. Container label design, for instance, may integrate all hazard symbols, prohibitive, mandatory and/or warning signs, pursuant to VBG 125. The quality of the foils corresponds with the aforementioned labelling tapes.

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