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Mounting Equipment

Mounting Equipment Qur mounting system is suited for all sizes of slide-in and engraved signs, including the entire line of safety, rescue and fire fighting signs.

If it is impossible or undesirable to attach signage directly by using adhesives, screws or rivets, they will be installed using sign clips and special pipe clamps as depicted on the right. These main components are available in various sizes and materials for all purposes. For special uses, we have developed a variety of matching fixtures, such as flat or fillet straps and flanges (spacers), open-ended frame combinations (for the mounting of multiple signs) etc. sk us for our special catalogue.



Materials of sign frames, clips and additional fixtures Aluminum (AlMg3), stainless steel (1.4301)
Standard sizes for frames or other mounts Lengths (can be combined):
[mm] 52, 61, 70, 88, 106, 124, 142, 160, 178,  ...
Heights (can be combined):
[mm] 10, 18, 30, 40, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, ...
Material of pipe clamps and straps Galvanized steel (W1), stainless steel 1.4301 (W4), stainless steel 1.4401 (W5), plastic (KS)
Sizes of special pipe clamps Special pipe clamps with hexagonal screw head for a clamping range from 12 mm to 330 mm,
Endless tightening strap for larger clamping ranges (roles of 25 m and/or 30 m each)
Prices Upon request

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