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Luminescent Signs - LUXOLIGHT® Standard / LUXOLIGHT® Plus

luminescent During catastrophic incidents, it is of utmost priority to safely guide people out of danger zones. Escape routes and firefighting equipment are of great importance and deserve special attention. For this purpose, we can offer you LUXOLIGHT® products of long-term luminescence:

  1. LUXOLIGHT® Standard This standard quality product exceeds three times all DIN 67510 and IMO (A.752) requirements
  2. LUXOLIGHT® Plus For extreme luminescence requirements (over 7 times greater than DIN 67510 and IMO stipulations)

Quality Characteristics

The quality is Lloyd’s certified, meets IMO A.752 (18), DIN 67510 / DIN 4844, BGV A8 (VBG 125) requirements and has been tested according to ISO 9000.

These products are suited for outdoor use, free of chloride and non-toxic in their Aluminum design, flame-resistant, free of phosphorus and radioactive additives. These products consist largely of white pigments, glowing yellow-green in the event of danger, are sealed against dirt and fouling, suitable as non-slip floor markers, forklift resistant and maintenance-free.

Intrinsic Brilliance

Intrinsic Brilliance


Material Plastic (LUXOTHERM®, PVC), Aluminum (AI), Aluminum w. electrolytic coating (AllMg)
Sizes In addition to all regular sizes pursuant to VGB 125 / DIN 4844, all rescue and fire protection signs are also available for our slide-in system.
Available for use as Wall, staircase and floor markings, fire protection, rescue, warning, prohibitive, mandatory and hazmat signs; text in accordance with your requirements.
Prices Upon request

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