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Slide-in Signs

Slide-in SignsThe slide-in sign system consists of open-ended frames of different sizes and material, into which a variety of elements can be inserted, e.g.:

  • Letter and number sequences
  • Hazard symbols pursuant to Hazmat Regulations (GefahrstoffVO)
  • Warning, prohibitive or mandatory signs pursuant to VGB 125, etc.

Such elements, too, are available in various materials and sizes. All sizes can be combined at will and mounted by using this patented system.

This system’s biggest advantage is its flexibility. It enables operative design adjustments through on-site sign fabrication. Our mobile workshops are equipped with all components and our experienced signage technicians provide advice to our clients as to design options and regulations.


Material Plastic (LUXOTHERM), Aluminum w. electrolytic coating (AllMg)
Letter size 5, 8, 10, 30, 60, 120 mm
Alphabets Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, etc.
Other criteria Any type of special symbol can be integrated in a sign, including individual company logos
Prices Upon request

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