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Technological ID-Labelling

Technological ID-labelling includes signage for equipment, instrumentation, containers, pipelines, control panels and measuring points, be that for industrial, non-industrial applications, buildings or other structures.


Signage may vary for different applications:

- Slide-in signs
- Engraved signs
- Adhesive foils

Die Montage erfolgt mit Hilfe eines universellen, hinsichtlich Material und The signs are installed by means of a universal mounting system, which is matched to the material and size of respective signs.


Safety Labelling

LUXOLIGHT at daYlight

Safety labelling comprises the entire signage spectrum pursuant to VBG 125 and DIN 4844, such as:

- Warning signs
- Prohibitive signs
- Mandatory signs
- Safety & Rescue signs
- Fire protection signs

As well as:

Hazardous substance signs pursuant to Hazmat Regulations.

Specifically for the labelling of escape routes and fire fighting equipment, high-quality, long-term luminescent LUXOLIGHT® products have been developed.

LUXOLIGHT luminescent

A comparison of both above signs demonstrates the effect of luminescent signs under dark conditions.

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