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BUSSE offers comprehensive ID-labelling services of ultimate technological and safety standards.

No pre-labelling is required. Our technicians will label your facilities according to applicable standards on the basis of R&I charts.

This includes:

  • The recording of your facility’s actual condition and/or analysing the prevailing safety status
  • The documentation of recorded conditions on CAD systems
  • The coding of facilities according to KKS or analogue labelling procedures - to be customized, if required
  • The creation of rescue and escape plans
  • The planning for safety-related ID-labelling required to meet latest regulations and standards
  • Supplying the all labelling materials and installation of same by our experienced technical staff

But you need not use our complete service package. Just ask for partial services, such as the supply of signage and mountings, in order to complete the installation yourself.

If you prefer to minimize costs by using your own staff to perform any work, we suggest asking for our technical supervisors, their know-how and our mobile workshops.


Contractual Partners

Stell GmbH Bocholt

In the field of ID-labelling, BOSSE is the contractual agent for Stell GmbH, Bocholt throughout the former East-German provinces.

power station Schkopau
power station Schkopau

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