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Research & Development

In the 1990s, BUSSE GmbH assembled a competitive research team which is pursuing innovative developments in the field of technical-biological processes in environmental technology.

In numerous research and development projects, a close cooperation has developed with the Federal Environmental Agency, the German Federal Foundation for the Environment as well as numerous universities and colleges of applied sciences.

Ongoing cooperation with:

  • University of Leipzig
  • TU Berlin
  • TU Dresden
  • TFH Wildau
  • Alfred-Wegener-Institute (AWI) Bremerhaven

Research Projects

Completed Projects:

  • Development of a decontamination procedure for the "BioLog" in-home water purification plant, in cooperation with the TFH Wildau
  • Equipment and process development for decentralized waste water purification by use of microfiltration membranes (2 patents)
  • Fundamental research into the use of specific micro-organisms (bdellium vibrios) for wastewater decontamination, in cooperation with the University of Leipzig
  • Development of a waste water treatment facility for intensive fish farming, in cooperation with the Federal Environmental Agency and the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (patent)
  • Fundamental research into biologically eliminating residual heavy metals, a cooperative research project with the TU Dresden
  • Development of a toxicity monitor for industrial wastewater, in cooperation with the TFH Wildau
  • Wastewater recycling facility for yachts
  • Equipment and process development for completing entire water cycles at decentralized locations
  • Large-scale facility for completing entire cycles in intensive fish farming by use of membrane technology

Ongoing Projects:

  • Equipment and process development for the production of protein-rich fish food from highly contaminated biogas facility waste water
  • Utilisation of membranes for efficiently introducing oxygen into aquacultures



Small water purification plant BUSSE-MF

The BUSSE-MF small water treatment plant is a ventilated, entirely biological in-home water purification plant with integrated microfiltration technology. Its modular units are equivalent to serving 4 to 50 residents. This technology provides for safe and hygienic wastewater recycling and reuse.

Implementation of a fish farm facility in Thierbach
Implementation of a fish farm facility in Thierbach

undersecretary of state Astrid Klug informed herself about research activities

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